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<3 Mr. Kittypants is my dog<3

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I’m having so much nostalgia watching a show I’ve never even seen before?!?!?!

This series is a buffet plate of my childhood anime all mixed together. It mainly resembles Saint Seiya (as far as the attacks/BG attack art and ’sohma’ instead of cosmos) and Yoriden Samurai Troopers (as far as character design and battle animation) . Also, this series has the same character designer and composer as Blood Reign (the protagonist and antagonist even have a relationship like Hikage and Marou). Finally, the background scenery and the theme of Hindu mythos makes me think of CLAMP—Magic Knight Rayearth and RG Veda, specifically.

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You have to be really talented to be a member of the Stinger crew. Not only to you have to be able to do all that jumping and kicking, but you have to be able to take part in the formation of a human tower, shoot moving targets while skiing, speed skate and wrassle, and most importantly, look good in black.

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I wanted to make a really whack cake for my sister’s birthday, but my family made it without me. But I still made it whack by putting Ryo and Akira (and the puppy they adopted together <3) on the cake.

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