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Stage 7 Tracklist

My show is about to go on in just a few minutes—so listen in with me <3

You can stream it here


1) Elemential Nights by She
2) Eco Zones by Blank Banshee
3) You Love Someone Else by WMD
4) Heavy Eyes by The Depreciation Guild
5) Simple Machine by Dunmood
6) Perfect Machine by Shirobon
7) Nexus by Fighter X
8) Looking Glass (Dubmood Remix) by Bright White Lightening
9) Glitch by Subaeris
10) Foo Ruins by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv
11) Saria by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv
12) Ghost Bios by Air Japan
13) Carpe Noctem by Aural Vampire
14) Violent Guardian (Arrange) by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki from Omega Five OST
15) Innocence by Shihgeki Hayashi from Baroque OST
16) Leftover Tactics of Arabaki by Nobuko Toda from Senritsu no Stratus OST
17) Mega Over Drive by Polysics
18) Action!!! by Polysics
19) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ‘Chemixtrixx’ OC ReMix by Prototype Raptor
20) No Copyright Law In the Universe… for Planet Wisp by Jun Senoue vs. Mesmerist
21) Ice Dream by TheBlox
22) Soarin’ Over Space by Jun Senoue from Sonic Adventure 2 OST
23) Shovel Knight - Strike The Earth Remix ft. Kevin Villecco by DJ Cutman
24) King Dedede Theme Remix by Acid-Notation
25) Team Fortress 2 ‘Electrodispenser’ OC ReMix by Zircon
26) Terranigma - Resurrection Trance Remix by xxvietnamxx
27) Zeta by Zektbach
28) The Wind Calls to Shevat in the Blue Sky - Orchestra Version composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, arranged by Yuki Yamamoto
29) FF7 Cosmo Canyon Acoustic by Violent Violet

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Stage 6

My show is about to go on in just a few minutes—so listen in with me <3

You can stream it here


Stage 6 Tracklist

1) Escape by She

2) Eye of the Hurricane by Yarinka Collucci

3) Anxiety Online! by Blank Banshee

4) Computer Love by Glass Candy

5) Solitude by Dubmood

6) Digital Solace by The Depreciation Guild

7) Under the Nest by Rotten Blotch

8) Heaven by George and Jonathan

9) Truthcannon (Trash 80 Mix) by A-Rival

10) Newtype by Mangadrive

11) One Piece Double suicide by Urbangarde

12) 1987 by _yi 13) Horsey (feat Sarah Bonito) by Macross 82-89

14) Moonlight Affair by Cliff Turner

15) Seiken Densetsu 3 nuclear fusion by Yuni

16) SIGMA HARMONICS Hope Giving “Dance of the Dog’s Howl” by Lemm

17) The Battle of Itsukushima CROSS.ver from Sengoku Basara X by Masayoshi “Chamy” Ishi

18) Long Tall Eyelash (Ken Ishi Mix) by Ken Ishi

19) F by DJ Amuro

20) Almagest by Galdeira

21) Far East Nightbird by Nekomata Master

22) Saber Wing by TAG

23) Mind Mapping by Kors K Remix

24) 0/1 ANGEL by Alt

25) Raison d’etre by Zektbach

26) Chrono Trigger - Corridor of Time ~ Schala’s Theme from Drakskip

27) FF VII Aerith’s Theme from SQ Chips by Yoshino Yoshikawa

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